League Finals

Winter Season Finals

TENTATIVE - League Finals will Sunday March 31st at 1pm.

The league will be split approximately equal sized divisions (8 to 12 players per division, with number of divisions depending on size of league)

Each division will play a "Ladder" format.

The bottom four players in a division will play a game which is picked by the player with the highest seed. (1 = highest, 9 = lowest)

Players will play in the order of seed, with the highest seed going first, and lowest seed going last.

The Loser of the game is eliminated from the ladder.

The next highest seed in the division then picks a game, and plays with the 3 players who survived the previous round.

Once again the loser is eliminated and then the next higher seed joins.

This process continues until the top seed joins in for the final 4 group. Which becomes the final 3, and then the final 2, and then the division winner.