Weekly Wednesdays

Weekly tournaments are hosted on Wedensdays at 7:30 when Pinball League is not in season at Holy Frijoles. 
Tournaments are open to all, not just league players. Come by and have some fun. The format changes regularly to keep things fresh.
We typically request a $1 donation for House of Ruth or other charities in order to participate. 

IFPA Sanctioned Wednesday Tournaments

Weds May 29th - Strikes Strikes Strikes! IFPA sanctioned Tournament at Holy Frijoles (7:30 pm)

Weds June 12th - Strikes Strikes Strikes! IFPA sanctioned Tournament at Holy Frijoles (7:30 pm)

SUPER Classics! 2024

SATURDAY June 8th, 2024 - 1PM START - FINALS AT 5:30

Over 50 Weird, Wild and Wacky Classic Pins @ Holy Frijoles

+ Split flipper high score side-tournament on a secret surprise machine

Super Classics is back! From 60’s EMs to 80’s solid states, our collection keeps getting bigger and dumber. Play some of the best and worst pre-DMD pinball machines ever made in one of the largest classics tournament banks in the world.



$10 entry fee (all goes to prize pool).

$5 coin drop at the door

Games on freeplay

Optional $20 side pot for the big spenders

$1 for IFPA


Check-In at Noon. Competition begins at 1pm.

Head-to-Head or group Match Play format (depending on turnout and / or how we are feeling that day) with PAPA style 4 player group finals.

Each round, players will be placed in groups. Each group will be assigned to play one game per round. At the end of each round, players will earn points based on their finishing position in that game (1/0 or 7/5/3/1). We will play as many rounds as possible prior to our 5:00 pm cut-off.


PAPA-style finals (3 game, 7/5/3/1, groups of 4) for the top eight players will begin immediately after qualifying.

Prize Distribution:

Top 4 get paid: 40%/30%/20%/10%

Top 4 side pot finishers get paid: 40%/30%/20%/10%

Tie Breakers:

1 game direct play for qualifying, finals or payout of side pot


Grab a partner and put in an entry in our side tournament. Split flipper, high score tourney on a surprise machine. Winning team will receive a fabulous prize package. Unlimited entries, free.

PROPOSED LINEUP (If we can keep all these boat anchors running)

+ a bunch of other turds we might get working in time.

Baltimore Belles & Chimes Max MatchPlay

Sun, June 23rd - Doors @ 12, Start 12:30 - Holy Frijoles
Facebook Event 

Baltimore Belles & Chimes is running our first ever max MatchPlay.  Twelve (12) rounds of head-to-head max matchplay, with PAPA-style finals for our Top 8 players. Please note that depending on total number of players, there may be a short queue for the next match.

Registration at noon - tournament starts at 12:30 PM. $10 cash to enter (includes $1 IFPA fee), top 4 players paid out!

Baltimore Belles & Chimes is a women's pinball league. All women, trans women, gender non-conforming, and non-binary people are welcome! We also welcome players of all ages and all ability levels.