League Rules

Holy Frijoles Pinball League -  2024 - Winter Season Details


Season Dues: $20 per player
No new players will be added after the start of Session 4.

Session Dates will be

Jan 24, Jan 31, Feb 7, Feb 14, Feb 21, Feb 28, Mar 6, Mar 13, Mar 20, Mar 27 


Tentative - SUNDAY Mar 31, 1pm

Registering for league

Pre-registration for league is encouraged via LINK COMING google form. You can also register in person at your first session.

Code of Conduct

By signing up to play in league, a player agrees to abide by the HFPL Code of ConductSessions


League nights will be Wednesday at 7:30. The ‘regular season’ of the league consists of 10 weekly sessions. A player is eligible to play in all sessions during the season. The top 6 weekly results will be used to establish the league standings and seeding for finals.  A player must play in at least 6 sessions to be eligible for finals and submission to IFPA in the final standings. The league encourages new players by allowing guests to play. 


Software will draw groupings, 3 or 4 player groups (with a preference for 3 player groups whenever possible).  Play 4 games. Order and Game Choice
1st game: First player has choice of game, players play in order on score sheet
2nd - 4th game:  Last place player on previous game has choice of game or order, followed by third place, second place and then first place player from previous game. 

Speed of Play

Players need to be present at the game when it is their turn. Missing players will be given a  2 minute grace period before their ball will be plunged.
Game must be chosen from available open games immediately, no waiting on games even if they are on ball 3 (or stalling to wait for more desirable options). If this rule is not followed, game choice may be assigned by the League Official at his/her discretion.


4 player groups: 1st - 3pts, 2nd - 2pts, 3rd - 2pts, 4th - 1pt
3 player groups: 1st - 3pts, 2nd - 2pts, 3rd - 1pt
2 player groups: 1st - 3pts, 2nd - 1.5pt
A session score will be in the range 12-4

Rules and Rulings

The league will observe the rules joint PAPA/IFPA tournament, available HERE, unless otherwise noted. As extra balls will typically be on at our location, it is allowable to play your first extra ball. For any additional extra balls, you can attempt to set up and plunge the skill shot, but you are not allowed to flip or nudge the machine in any way. 


Players are seeded based on cumulative score for top 6 league session scores. A division ties will be addressed via a one game playoff. All ties in other divisions will be broken based on the number of 12s/11s/10s/etc. Any remaining ties will be broken based on the earliest 12/11/10/etc. 
The league will be divided up into divisions (likely 8-12 players per division) depending on the number of players in the league. Finals will be a ladder format in which the bottom 4 seeds of a group play a game chosen by the top seed, with order of play being highest seed to lowest seed. The player with the lowest score on the game is eliminated, and the next highest seed joins the remaining 3. The entering player will pick the game (from available open games). Order of play will be highest seed to lowest seed. This process continues until just 4 players remain in the group. They continue to play to cut the group down to 3 then 2, then final group winner.

Final League Standings

Final standings will be the order of finish of the top division followed by the next division, etc.
If a player misses the final session, their final position will be as if they played their first ladder match according to their seed and lost.


Final payouts will be determined by the total number of league participants.
Top 4 in A will receive prize money, as will the top 3 in each of the lower groups.
World Pinball Player Ranking (WPPR) Points
All participants who play in at least 6 regular season sessions will receive WPPR points based on their final league standing.